Automatic Gates

15 Years experience in metal fabrication

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are the ultimate statement in luxury for your home.

With Bespoke iron gates made to measure, we can tailor the work to your home and your budget. We can cater to even the largest of driveways, with the maximum length of our wing gates topping 3.5 m and weighing no more than 800 kg.

All our automatic gates are fitted with the Ghost 200 kit which comes with:

  • 2x 200 ghost motors (8m cable)

  • 2x 215 Galvanized Foundation boxes

  • 2x TR2 MIO remote controls

  • 1x Lumy/A flashing Light with built-in 433 Mhz aerial

  • 1x set of 104 Minilux photocells

  • 1x 127 warning sign

  • 1x 202/RR control Board

All of this plus a 4 year warranty to guarantee your peace of mind.

Make the change to automatic gates and take the nuisance out of closing the gates at night time, in day time, anytime!

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